Meet Ava

“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You won’t withstand the storm.’
The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.”

– Unknown

Ava is six and is loving every minute of kindergarten in Mrs. Wright’s class. We are amazed at the progress she has made since August, let alone since she was born. Ava loves reading, art, music and riding the bus. She also loves dance, cooking, singing, riding her bike, fixing things, science experiments, and watching vet shows. Ava remains fiercely independent, spirited, sweet, joyful, and wise beyond her years.

Ava Grace is truly our little miracle. In addition to HLHS, Ava also had a severely restricted atrial septum and was given a less than 40% chance of survival. Ava means “life,” and we knew that, by the grace of God, she would defy the odds stacked against her. She has forged her own journey since he was born and inspires us with her unending strength and resilience every day. She is proof that with God’s grace, anything is possible.

Being Ava’s mom has forever changed me as a person and has given my life true meaning and purpose. She inspires me to thrive in spite of whatever life throws at us and reminds me to always choose joy. Ava radiates love and light and is able to capture your heart within minutes of meeting her.

Highlights of the Journey