Meet Aidan

“The bond of a brother and sister is stronger than anyone could know. With you in my life and me by your side, we will never have to fight one single battle alone.”

– Anonymous

Aidan is six and loves kindergarten in Mrs. Wright’s class with Ava. He loves PE, recess, reading and riding the bus. Aidan also loves playing outside, riding his hooverboard, his stuffed animals, and legos. Even though he wasn’t born with HLHS, he was definitely born with an extra special heart. His compassion is endless and he is a constant source of strength, joy and encouragement for Ava and Miles.

Aidan Paul was born one minute after Ava, even though he insists he is the big brother. This sweet boy was my saving grace during the four months Ava was inpatient after they were born. I will never forget the first time they were reunited a few days after Ava had the Norwood surgery at 90 minutes old. We put him in the bassinet with her, and he placed his hand on her cheek and smiled. She opened her eyes for a second, and then they both fell asleep in that position. Their bond has been unbreakable from the very beginning, and I have no doubt Aidan gave her the strength to fight through the odds that were stacked against her. He has always been her biggest champion and her fiercest protector. Aidan was over the moon when Miles came along and has taken on the same role with him. Miles idolizes Aidan, and it has been fun to see Aidan do all the things with Miles that he missed out on with Ava.